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Micheila’s Experience

“I received my first energy transfer with Ethann over three years ago at one of his local events in Michigan. I am extremely
sensitive to energy and felt a shift in my
physical body almost immediately. There was a very strong loving energy coming from his heart to mine. But at the same time, I felt myself releasing bottled up negative feelings that had been holding me back for years. Tears flooded my eyes as I experienced both the sorrow of the karmic energy release and the joy of the loving energy replace it within my heart. I was overwhelmed by the experience, but even more amazed by the peaceful feeling that came over me afterwards and through the duration of that week. I found that many of the things that used to upset me were still present in my life, but I had risen above them and able to live with ease in the present moment, without anger, worry or fear. Since that time, I have returned for numerous energy transfers with Ethann, both in person and remotely.

The remote sessions are just as powerful as the one's I have experienced in person. I am able to feel them just as deeply even when I forget my remote appointment and am reminded upon sensing a wave of energy that stops me in my tracks. I am now facing many adverse situations and people in my life with a newfound calm and patience. I experience more joy on a daily basis. Even my friends and family have commented that they notice a positive change in me. I attribute this to regular energy transfers with Ethann. I was so pleased with the results I have seen that I decided to sign my two teenage daughters up for Ethann's 12-time per month program. The results aI observed with them after only a few weeks were astounding. Through my work with Ethann, I awakened to my gifts as an intuitive channel, accessing the true path of my soul and my purpose in life. I have continued to utilize his energy, astrology, numerology and business services to launch my channeling work into the world. This work has allowed me so much joy, success and fulfillment. I am truly grateful that Ethann has shared his energetic gifts with my family."

– Micheila Sheldan, Intuitive Channel
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