Benefits Of An Energy Transfer

In channeled messages, Ethann Fox has often been referred to as “the light worker of light workers”, because the majority of those who are drawn to him are light workers on the planet. Many of these individuals have been unable to fully tap into their gifts and remember their purpose due to a lower vibration and
consciousness that is impacting life on Earth. Through his unique abilities, Ethann facilitates an awakening of one's true gifts and soul’s purpose. This is the primary purpose and outcome of the long term practice of energy transfer sessions with Ethan to gradually unlock your unique gifts and life’s purpose as well as the passion to fearlessly pursue it.
Many of the individuals who work with Ethann regularly start to come into their abilities within the first month of multiple sessions. Ethann’s left-brained mindset and natural curiosity led him to conduct a variety of studies to confirm the effects of his energy transfers on human consciousness. Studies of the human aura, voice profiling, channeled messages and participant feedback have all shown that regular energy transfers will increase feelings of happiness, peace and wellbeing, expanding the size of the aura and accelerating the evolution of the soul. In the world in which we live, there are many toxins we encounter on a day to day basis. Some of these may be in our food, water or the air we breathe, and some are electromagnetic. All of them are vibrational in nature. Although, we can avoid some of these toxins physically, many still remain vibrationally in our environment, accumulating in the energy body and resulting in a lowering of our consciousness. The consequence of this is that the spiritual gifts we have brought into this world remain dormant.


Repeated participation in energy transfers will remove negative frequencies of energy accumulated from environmental toxins, restoring your true nature and accelerating the growth of consciousness. Karma that we carry from lifetime to lifetime, manifests in a dense energy that also keeps us from accessing the higher self. Working this karma off through life experience is a slow process that will require lifetimes until a soul can express itself fully in a physical incarnation unencumbered by dense heavy karmic energy. Through the energy transfer process, Ethann is able to remove large amounts of karmic energy in each session, thereby accelerating the growth of the soul many lifetimes in only minutes. Energy transfer is also beneficial for light workers who are hypersensitive to energies from people and their environments, requiring them to self-protect during healing
sessions and everyday life. Each energy transfer has been demonstrated to increase the size of the human aura three to four times, with a cumulative effect over time. This results in a permanent energetic barrier between the body and its surrounding environment, eliminating the requirement to self-protect. Another advantage of this barrier is the ability to be comfortable around people who ordinarily cause stress or discomfort. Many have reported they are able to cope with turbulent relationships that were the source of a great deal of
suffering prior to an energy transfer. Energy transfers with Ethann will initiate a permanent change within your DNA, essentially tuning the body and awareness to new field of information. Think of the DNA as a tuner on a radio.


Every energy transfer slightly adjusts your frequency, allowing you to tap into information stored within your DNA that was previously unavailable, awakening the mind to a new way of seeing the world. This is because you are now able to tune into a new dimension of information within the same field of consciousness. This may come by way of intuition, or interest in some new area, or sudden ability to pursue things in one’s life that were previously hidden or blocked. As the frequency that the body is tuning in to changes, a broad array of physical and spiritual impacts are experienced. Some individuals encounter sudden breakthroughs in health, immense energy, greater inner peace and joyfulness. Ultimately, the energy transfer process will raise consciousness, remove karma, and as a result, lead you down a path of greater joy and harmony no matter what is going on in the world around you. Energy transfer will raise your consciousness to a degree that is not possible through ordinary life experience and other spiritual practices. This is an accelerated path for the growth of consciousness for those who have a desire to grow more rapidly in this time of great change and evolution, minimizing suffering and allowing for a deeper understanding of one's life path.

Micheila’s Experience

“I received my first energy transfer with Ethann over three years ago at one of his local events in Michigan. I am extremely
sensitive to energy and felt a shift in my
physical body almost immediately. There was a very strong loving energy coming from his heart to mine. But at the same time, I felt myself releasing bottled up negative feelings that had been holding me back for years. Tears flooded my eyes as I experienced both the sorrow of the karmic energy release and the joy of the loving energy replace it within my heart. I was overwhelmed by the experience, but even more amazed by the peaceful feeling that came over me afterwards and through the duration of that week. I found that many of the things that used to upset me were still present in my life, but I had risen above them and able to live with ease in the present moment, without anger, worry or fear. Since that time, I have returned for numerous energy transfers with Ethann, both in person and remotely.

The remote sessions are just as powerful as the one's I have experienced in person. I am able to feel them just as deeply even when I forget my remote appointment and am reminded upon sensing a wave of energy that stops me in my tracks. I am now facing many adverse situations and people in my life with a newfound calm and patience. I experience more joy on a daily basis. Even my friends and family have commented that they notice a positive change in me. I attribute this to regular energy transfers with Ethann. I was so pleased with the results I have seen that I decided to sign my two teenage daughters up for Ethann's 12-time per month program. The results aI observed with them after only a few weeks were astounding. Through my work with Ethann, I awakened to my gifts as an intuitive channel, accessing the true path of my soul and my purpose in life. I have continued to utilize his energy, astrology, numerology and business services to launch my channeling work into the world. This work has allowed me so much joy, success and fulfillment. I am truly grateful that Ethann has shared his energetic gifts with my family."

– Micheila Sheldan, Intuitive Channel