Ethann’s one-on-one sessions with me have been an amazing transformational catalyst that have allowed
me to expand my knowledge of spirituality and consciousness, and step into my gifts and role as a healer. I am blown away by Ethann’s extensive experience in astrology, numerology, marketing, and psychology as well as a variety of other areas. With this knowledge, he skillfully crafted a plan to launch me into the world as a healer that was perfectly suited to my unique gifts and talents. Ethann worked with me step by step to create a foundation for my business by sharing his experience with marketing, branding, and website design, and combining it with spirituality. He perfectly positioned me in the healing field so that the unique aspects of my gifts were seamlessly interwoven into the design of my site. I have had countless astrology and numerology readings with him that have all been spot on. The information he provided was always very down to earth, detailed, and thorough. Ethann was able to pinpoint emotional influences in my chart, as well as exactly how my healing would expand at a particular point in my astrological and numerological cycles.

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Kevan’s Experience

Kevan Ryon, Medical Intuitive Healer
Austin, Texas